Our Leaders


Jessie Poling

 Children's Pastor
 Email: jessiepoling@evangel4sq.com

To show children what it means to be loved and valued so that as they grow and mature they will understand how precious they are to their heavenly Father and realize He has made them for a great purpose. It's my goal to empower the people around me, any age, to see the potential they hold in God's eyes.

Jessie grew up in a family that was always active in serving in their local church. As a child her grandfather was her role model and led her to Christ at the age of four. Throughout her teenage years she was involved in children and youth ministry, as well as singing and eventually leading the worship team. Jessie's grandfather passed away with cancer when she was fifteen. She describes this as a pivotal point in her life where she was forced to make a true commitment to God because her grandfather was no longer around to babysit her faith.

After high school Jessie attended Ignite Life Pacific College and graduated from their discipleship program. In May 2016, Jessie came on board as the Children's Pastor bringing new strength and passion to the leadership team at Evangel.

I am originally from Iowa where there are really only three seasons - winter, a month of fall, and a really hot summer. I grew up the youngest of four. My oldest sibling and I were born almost exactly ten years apart.My family is extremely important to me.

I have a tendency to be quiet until you get to know me. I love singing, writing, puzzles, books, and sunsets over cornfields. I enjoy hearing people's stories.