Our Approach

Our Approach
Evangel Child Care Center is committed to providing a Christian atmosphere where children receive individual attention and love. We make certain that the children spend their days enveloped in a warm, stimulating environment. Our goal is to provide the highest quality program where loving kindness, gentleness, consistency, safety, and security are of utmost importance.

Educational Focus
Play is to a child what work is to an adult. Play is a child's work and they learn best when play is incorportaed in the teaching process. Through play and other methods the staff strives to meet the needs of ALL children in all areas of growth: physical, social/emotional, spiritual and intellectual. The daily routine provides appropriate age and stage activities which will stimulate growth in all these areas. 

Small and large motor skills are developed through indoor and outdoor play. Some large motor skill activities include group games, running, jumping, riding tricycles or bicycles, basketball and gym time. Cutting, pasting, working puzzles, stringing beads, coloring, painting and writing are a few of the small motor skill activities.

Circle games, role play, puppets, story telling and manners are a few of the activities used to help children grow socially into emotionally healthy people. Teacher-child interaction and also interaction between the children are very important ways for the children to learn social skills.
A Christian atmosphere where all children can be nurtured is our goal. Some of the teaching tools used to achieve this goal are Bible stories and truths, songs, chapel, prayer, tapes, videos and Christian toys.
We strive to provide a challenging atmosphere in which children learn to make decisions and solve problems. Appropriate activities are planned through play so children will be successful in areas of learning such as reading, math, language, science and art.