Because not all children are ready for a child care setting and because Evangel cannot meet the needs of every child, all children are enrolled on a three-week trial basis.

An interview with the director or other staff and the parent is needed before the enrollment of a child.

Children must be at least 2 years old and under age 13.

All forms must be completed by parent or guardian. The physical form must be completed and returned within thirty days of enrollment. The immunization record must be completed by the child’s physician and returned to the center before attendance.

The Code of Virginia requires proof of child identity and age. This documentation must accompany your child’s registration form.

Parent or authorized adult must accompany their children to and from the building. The center will release children only to those listed on the enrollment form. The center must be notified in writing by the parent or guardian if someone other than those listed should be added to pick up their child. Staff will ask for a photo ID of any person not recognized who comes to pick up a child.

Parents must sign the sign-in-out book on a daily basis. The sign-in-out book will also have receipts of tuition payments, notes from your child’s teacher and center news.

If a child has not been picked up by 6:00PM a late fee will be added (see tuition) and the parent or guardian will be phoned. If unable to reach the parent, the teacher will contact next responsible person listed in child’s file. If unable to reach anyone after a reasonable period of time, the Social Services Hot Line will be contacted. Exception: In case of inclement weather, parents will be contacted to pick up their children as soon as possible if early closing. Parents are to keep center informed if there will be a delay past the adjusted closing time. The Social Services Hot Line will not be contacted for weather related delays.  In case of disasters, center will follow procedures found in the Emergency Evacuation Plan given to parents on enrollment.

Updates on a child’s registration form should be made as needed or at least annually. Changes should be in writing and given to the appropriate teacher.

The center reserves the privilege of dismissing any child for any reason. Reasons may include, but are not  limited to:
            •    Biting
            •    Reoccurring discipline problems
            •    Harming other children or staff
            •    Non-payment of tuition
            •    Child being unable to adjust
            Two weeks notice will be given, except:
            •    In cases where tuition has not been paid on a timely basis
            •    In situations involving extreme behavior problems
            •    If required forms have not been properly submitted.

A child may be withdrawn by parent or guardian giving the center two weeks notice.

The center is almost always open regardless of the weather. However, for the safety of children and staff, if Roanoke County is closed because of winter weather, the center will delay opening until at least 8AM. To find out if the center will open on schedule or if it should be necessary to close, call 540-982-3694 and listen for a message.