Jane Rios
Walk in the Word and Pray When Prompted

David said that he had hidden the Word in his heart that he might not sin against the Lord. The Word needs to be hidden in our hearts: it does no good when you need it if you can't remember (or never knew) what it says and promises.

One of the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ was to lay hands on the sick, pray for the folks and they would get well (Mark 16:18). In my former job as a pharmacy technician, I was in the unique position of being right where folks were when they were most in need of prayer. That is not to say that I prayed for every one of our customers: rather, I would be cashing out a person or discussing the prescription they brought or whatever, and God would speak in my heart and say “pray for him” or “pray for her.”

Two instances in particular remain in my mind. A fellow came with some sort of allergic reaction and was beet red as far as we could see him. We filled his prescription and he was walking away when God said, “Call him back.” I did, he came back, and I told him to give me his hand, and I prayed for him. He was stunned that someone would do that for him. Several weeks later he came back for something and said that that was the exact thing he needed at that moment, and the prayer did what it was supposed to do! Thanks, GOD!

Another was born of experience. A guy came (a preacher, no less) and was having flashback problems keeping him awake. We talked about it and I told him my story and how I had had to speak Scripture every few seconds for 2-3 days to send these flashbacks away. Finally they were gone, but only because of the Word inside. I prayed for him and he left. He returned later to say that that had helped him immensely and thank you so much. Thanks GOD!

As we pay attention to that quiet voice saying “pray for him” we can step out confidently and pray for folks, knowing that God has ordained that time. Thus, God empowers us to walk in the Word and fulfill the commands of the Lord wherever we are and whatever we are doing.